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Vernon Adams, a Dallas based artist, grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Adams always showed promise in childhood, getting involved in his community and art shows from the age of 6. While in high school under the guidance of Terrence Robinson (Professor of Arts), Adams was encouraged to use different mediums as a means to capture life’s circumstance. He gained fundamentals in sketch drawings but gravitated towards painting with acrylics by the time he reached his preteens. Adams credits his constant fascination with comic book characters to his high level of attention to detail today. Another monumental influence is his mother Leonia Adams, who taught him the skills of patience and diligence in perfecting his craft. Mrs. Adam’s experiences as a college art student taught her humility but also to have a sense of pride in one’s work. She once told her son that her work was so eloquent that an educator took her work and passed it off as his own. Adams attended Coahoma Community College, where he received an Associates of Arts from this historically black community college. Although largely self taught, he began to become involved with his community to gain skill and wisdom from more established local visual artists like Chuck Johnson (retired University of Memphis Adjunct Art/Drawing Instructor). Currently Adams owns and operates a multidisciplinary visual arts company named VGV Love. In his spare time, he also enriches the artistic minds of young potential artists and students of Kirby Middle School in the Green Dot ASP program. Vernon Adams continues to leave audiences in awe with his work and pays it forward to the students and protégés under his tutelage. “I strive to be known for thought provoking futuristic black art. I paint my stolen past, the history of my people, my influencers, and the richness of this beautiful culture. I paint as a means to capture the alluring side of black culture that the media often times struggles to recognize, capture, and accentuate.” -Vernon Adams


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